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The in and outs of 2014 technology

By Sam Richardson

The Ins-

3D Printers-

3D printing technology has been around for a while but 2013 saw it sneak very quietly towards the mainstream. In the coming year, we’ll begin to see the general public start purchasing 3D printers to use at home. If you have a quick search online, you will find downloadable printing plans for toys, novelties, tools and some other small household items. As the price of printers and printing materials come flying down, designs will be more readily available and copyrighted. If the entertainment industry thinks it’s had it tough with pirating, any company that makes a tangible product must be terrified of their designs being made available online. 3D printing is also causing waves on a scientific front, with one of the things to look out for being organ printing.

4K TV Sets

We’ve had 3D televisions for a few years now and as much as they’ve done well, they’re still not a main part of our lives. The demand for high definition is always growing however, and with 4K TV’s, the demand is certain to be met. Still at extortionate prices, these sets still won’t come cheaply in 2014 but they will become more widely available. Y...Read More

iPhone 5s Review

By Sam Richardson

When Apple releases a new ‘s’ version of the iPhone, we’ve come to expect more of an evolution as opposed to a revolution. Yet with the iPhone 5s, this could have changed.

First up, there is an added colour choice now available, so you can choose between silver, space gray (black), and gold. Each has the same casing as in the iPhone 5, and the screen and resolution is the same 4-inch Retina display. Once again Apple has created the best looking phone on the market in whichever colour you go for. There is also now a chance to buy an Apple-made leather case to protect the beauty of th...Read More

iOS 7: A New Perspective

The illusion of a ‘parallax’ view, icons seemingly floating above your home screen, gives the first indication that iOS 7 looks like it is made up of layers. The icons on your home screen will stay still while the background image moves slightly beneath them. It gives a 3D feel to all aspects of the device.

Another major change is that you will now be able to see which app is using cellular data and also be able to restrict the apps using said cellular data. This should help in incurring over usage charges from your network provider.

One thing that Jony Ive, Senior Vice President of Design at Apple, seemed to want t...Read More

Samsung Galaxy S4- Life Companion

By Sam Richardson

Although the look of the new model is very much similar to the previous model, Samsung has improvement nearly every other aspect of the device. But how much of an improvement has been made and will it be enough to lift the new phone above the competition?


First up is the design. Colour wise there is a choice of ‘White Frost’ and ‘Black Mist’- pretty much the standard choice you get with all other smart phones on the market. The handset itself measures up at 5.38x 2.75x 0.31 inch, despite still having to pack in a 5 inch Full HD screen.

Read More

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