L, C, A Article - Top 10 Gifts!

 Sam Richardson is on hand with the top 10 gadget gifts!

 1. mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 4/ 4s- £42.95 http://amzn.to/tZVcc3
 This handy little device from mophie gives not only a fully protective case but also a rechargeable battery for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s. The battery inside will double your phone usage time and is also remarkably small. There is also a function to wait for the internal iPhone to run down before switching on the Juice Pack to ensure you are never stuck without battery life.
 2. Bike SpokeLit- £7.99 http://bit.ly/pNqDrD

 With more and more commuters now cycling to work- the SpokeLit not only keeps you illuminated in the dark but also looks great! It will fit very simply into the spokes of your wheel and once you start pedaling at a steady speed it will blur into a continuous ring of colour. What’s more is that it’ll cycle through colours as you ride along.

 3. Arctic Force Snowball Blaster- £24.99 http://bit.ly/qGFYhk

 It’s time to make snowball fights more one sided…. Any kid will love taking to the streets on a snow day with this. Firstly grab a few handfuls of snow and put them into the snowball press on the top and you have 3 perfect snowballs ready for throwing or for launching. The launcher can fire snowballs up to 80ft. Just load into the back and pull the rubber straps and whooosh off the snow rocket goes. It’s worth noting that firing snowballs at people from a short distance and at full strength will seriously hurt- and nobody wants a black and blue bruised christmas!

 4. IsotonerSmarTouch Gloves- £14.99 http://bit.ly/hqHc3J

 Cold hands vs. Usable iPhone- with these gloves both are possible! Trying to play Angry Birds on a cold journey is like trying to eat soup with a spoon. But thanks to the SmarTouch gloves, that have conductive material into the end of thumb and index finger, touchscreen gadgets can be used in the cold weather.

 5. Optoma HD600X Projector and 84” Screen- £499.99 http://bit.ly/hxBW1M

 This projector and screen combo is great value and great quality. The projector is capable of throwing a huge 300” image from short distance. It is perfect for use in the home and is has great High Definition capabilities. It truly makes any film, sporting event or photo looks amazing on the biggest wall you can find. The 84” screen that comes in this package is perfect for the projector. It is easy to connect using various forms including HDMI and VGA. An adaptor will be needed to input video using a scart via the VGA port.

 6. Segway Rally Experience for Two- £49.50 http://bit.ly/vFkMCm

 Segways have 2 wheels and are near impossible to fall off of (unless you’re George Bush or Piers Morgan). This of course meant that it would be a matter of time before they were used for an extreme sport. This is a great day out which includes a training session before being let loose on the course to see who can post the best time. Great fun for whoever you choose to take!

 7. SmartSwipe- £69.99 http://bit.ly/cCCQoE

 Shopping online will never be the same again! With the SmartSwipe there is no need to type any details. Simply swipe the card you wish to pay with and the information pops up on screen. It is also completely safe as the device encrypts and sends your data directly to the online payment screen. One annoying thing (especially for this MacBook user) is that it is not currently supported by Mac.

 8. iCade for iPad- £79.99 http://bit.ly/nZWI5E

 Apple devices with their multitouch displays, gyroscopes and Angry Birds have brought a wonderful and innovative way of playing new games. But some classic games are built to be played with a joystick and a few round buttons. The iCade delivers this and is amazing fun to play all of the classic Atari games on. A retro game on one of the most advanced pieces of consumer technology is always going to be a blast!

 9. Summit HD Video Camera Goggles- £249.99 http://bit.ly/utQ0Du

 For anybody hitting the slopes these goggles are a must. Capturing a POV view of you careering down the slopes or getting a face full of snow will all look incredible through the 720p High Definition camera. The videos or 5mp images go straight to the SD card that comes with the goggles and has a rechargeable battery built in. They also look amazing- Snow joke (sorry).

 10. DancinDoggInfrared Golf Simulator- £299.99 http://amzn.to/rKDq0G

 If golfing is your thing but you can’t make it onto the golf course every week…. Then look no further than this home simulator. Plug into your computer and swing. You can play full courses with your real clubs and it is accurate to within a foot of where your real shot would be! This is perfect for any golf lover and will have them good enough to beat Tiger in no time!

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