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Climate Change and Responsible Investing

This Policy Insights Webinar assesses what the LGPS can expect in the year(s) ahead and highlights the proactive work the PLSA is doing to help local authority funds meet the demands of responsible investing.

Richard McIndoe, Director, Strathclyde Pension Fund
Joe Dabrowski, Deputy Director – Policy, PLSA
Chair: James Walsh, Head of Member Engagement, PLSA

Posted on Friday Apr 9

An update on the 95 thousand pounds exit cap

On 12 February 2021, the Government made what appears to be a dramatic U-turn and announced that the £95k exit payment cap regulations (the Exit Payment Regulations) were disapplied with immediate effect and would be revoked, issuing an HMT Direction Order and guidance. It is important to note that this applies to England only. The devolved Governments will consider and make their own announcements.

Posted on Thursday Apr 8

TPR webinar on pledge to combat pension scams

Webinar featuring Nicola Parish, TPR's Executive Director of Frontline Regulation.
Posted on Wednesday Apr 7

The role of IoT in insurance

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been disrupting all of our lives for some time now, whether we know it or not. Our homes are increasingly internet-connected via our lights, doorbells and even our fridges. The technology will also play a crucial role in enabling workers to return to the office by creating safe and healthy workplaces, whether with social distancing sensors or monitors to ensure we wash our hands in the bathroom.
Posted on Wednesday Apr 7

Lets talk life expectancy

When am I going to die? Well that’s a question! But it’s one that’s become more relevant to me the older I’ve become and started to think more closely about how I’ll fund the lifestyle I want after I retire. And it’s particularly relevant to me right now. Both my mum and my grandfather died young. Both died at the same age. It was the age I reached last month...
Posted on Tuesday Apr 6

Motor and home insurance prices to fall due to regulation

The cost of home and motor insurance may fall in 2021 as changing regulation, plus the ongoing pandemic, impacts on the cost of general insurance, causing significant downward pressure on premium rates across both personal and commercial lines. For 2021, due to the economic impact of the pandemic and competition in the home and motor market, we are forecasting insurance premiums to drop.
Posted on Thursday Apr 1

Discovering insurance data insights

The factors that go into understanding insurance risk are growing. New data insights are emerging to provide a much clearer, multi-dimensional-like view of each risk to help price fairly and appropriately and support customers based on a fuller understanding of their needs. Thanks to these developments, the broad assumption that an individual is a higher risk because they have had a prior claim may no longer stand.
Posted on Tuesday Mar 30

Master trust supervision update March 2021

Hear the latest about the master trust industry and our ongoing supervision work. The webinar agenda includes a review of 2020 and the impact of COVID-19 on the master trust industry, there is also a Q&A session with our panel of experts.

Posted on Friday Mar 26

I get drawn down but I get up again

As more and more of us retire without DB pensions, approaches to managing drawdowns will become increasingly important. And the stakes are high - for most of us who aren’t athletes or on oil rigs, if our pot doesn’t grow as much as we’d hoped, we can probably just retire a year or two later. But if you’ve been retired for 15 years and find yourself running out of money, that’s a harder problem.
Posted on Friday Mar 26

Will the Pension Schemes Bill stop fraud in its tracks

Pension and investment scams have soared throughout the pandemic and it is vulnerable people and those of retirement age who are the hardest hit. A report published by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) last month found the pandemic has left one in four Britons with "low financial resilience". This could spell disaster for people who have saved their whole lives for the retirement they have dreamed about.
Posted on Thursday Mar 25

The confidence gap between sponsors and schemes

Our report, Ready or Not, highlighted concerns around the relationships between trustees, sponsors and advisors. The smooth running of DB pension schemes relies on relationships, but as our new report, Ready Or Not discovers, there is a worrying confidence gap concerning the relationship between sponsors and schemes.
Posted on Tuesday Mar 23

Webinar on The Evolution of Customer Engagement

The demands of today’s consumers are rapidly changing, insurance carriers are struggling to keep up. The challenge lies in adapting people, processes, and technology to meet new-age expectations and engage customers in real-time. How can insurance carriers deliver effective customer engagement in a highly competitive, digital world?
Posted on Thursday Mar 18

IFoA Exploring the Change a Global Profession

In the latest episode of our 'Exploring the Change' series Nicholas Yeo and BaiYan Cao discuss with IFoA President Tan Suee Chieh the global reach of the actuarial profession and what this perspective means for actuaries now and in the future.
Posted on Wednesday Mar 17

Reaching the 90 percent

A recent survey by the FCA revealed that less than 10% of UK adults had received financial advice in the last year. This is a truly shocking statistic and brings home the extreme nature of the advice gap – not so much a gap as a chasm. Clearly the push by governments worldwide and particularly here in the UK to make people more self-reliant financially is going to flounder unless we can find ways to resolve this.
Posted on Wednesday Mar 17

Remote technologies keep claims adjusters working

Insurance claims and extreme weather-related disasters continue to occur worldwide despite the COVID-19 pandemic. So how can insurance claims adjusters complete their work to their usual high standards in an unprecedented year filled with travel restrictions and local lockdowns? We explain how insurers can ensure business continuity by taking advantage of new technologies that allow for remote assessment of storm damage, such as remote sensing and aerial imagery – no matter what is gathering on the horizon.
Posted on Friday Mar 12

ONS Statistics and Retirement Pots

The latest figures from the ONS (Office of National Statistics) show some very insightful data on people’s thoughts towards retirement. Taking three of the key data points to create a typical retiree it is then possible to see how much they need in total pension pots to achieve various types of retirement lifestyle. Assuming like most they plan to use the pension freedoms and draw down a pension pot each year, it is apparent people are prepared to take some risk in their investments and may target something achievable like a 3% return each year after charges.
Posted on Wednesday Mar 10

Official Launch of The Future of Insurance USA 2021

Reuters Events have launched their flagship insurance event, The Future of Insurance USA 2021 (June 22-24, 2021, Online). The Future of Insurance USA 2021 is the premier event welcoming senior executives from across the insurance value chain. It is the only place for the C-level led, executive view of the trends and challenges that are transforming our rapidly evolving industry.
Posted on Tuesday Mar 9

Master trust supervision update March 2021

Hear the latest about the master trust industry and our ongoing supervision work. The webinar agenda includes a review of 2020 and the impact of COVID-19 on the master trust industry, there is also a Q&A session with our panel of experts.
Posted on Tuesday Mar 9

Email address provides clue to insurance fraud risk

Insurance providers work hard to achieve the right balance between offering a swift and relatively painless application experience while at the same time applying robust fraud detection and prevention checks that won’t create unnecessary friction either prior to or post policy inception. The pandemic has made this balance all the more important.
Posted on Tuesday Mar 9

PLSA Budget Reaction

The PLSA's Nigel Peaple reacts to this year's Budget - a relatively quiet one compared to what could have been, given some of the recent speculation, but still with some interesting news for pensions.
Posted on Thursday Mar 4

Can we move more people to pension adequacy

For many actuaries involved in delivering sustainable defined benefit pensions the question of adequacy isn’t a major consideration. Employers offering defined benefits pension schemes are providing a pension that delivers an income in retirement that members can afford to live on, so long as people remain in the pension scheme for a significant period of time. But as we know, not everyone is lucky enough to be provided with a pension scheme that invests such a significant proportion of their income for the future.
Posted on Thursday Mar 4

Carbon an engagement or disinvestment

To tackle the climate crisis we need, among other things, to transition away from a carbon economy. There are a few ways to do this, but we can fundamentally boil them down to three: Invest in replacements (e.g. buy a wind farm, support green research, etc.). Engage with carbon emitters to reduce emissions. Disinvest from the highest emitters. In pure impact terms, the first is likely to be the most effective.
Posted on Wednesday Mar 3

Hard choices in 2021

Where 2020 was largely about sitting tight and not panicking, in 2021 we need to get back to looking at long term returns. Unfortunately for pension savers the outlook has changed significantly from pre-COVID days and they may find themselves in unaccustomed territory. Over the last few years our pension clients have been fortunate to have seen some very positive investment returns, often in excess of the projected amounts.
Posted on Monday Mar 1

Technology's Transformative Impact on Commercial Lines

Commercial lines carriers are naturally cautious about investing in trends that may come to nothing, but the risk of inaction is becoming as great as too much haste. As new entrants gain traction in the market, incumbents risk facing redundancy if they fail to make commercial insurance easier to deliver for carriers and brokers, and a more rational, useful experience for customers.
Posted on Thursday Feb 25

Meet IFoA Fellow Thomas Harris

In this interview, Thomas Harris, Head of Pricing & Analytics for the International Reinsurance division of AXA XL, talks about the changes he has seen in the actuarial profession and the value of finding a mentor.
Posted on Wednesday Feb 24

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