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PLSA Webinar on Pension Tax Reform

What the PLSA is hearing in our behind-the-scenes conversations across Whitehall and Westminster
There is regular speculation in the media that the UK Government may look at reforming pensions tax relief to help pay for the costs of the pandemic or to support the cost of changes to social care. Hear about our ‘Five Principles of Pension Taxation’ to guide policy-makers. The potential impact of each of the most likely reforms on savers – analysis by the PLSA, based on Pensions Policy Institute modelling.

Nigel Peaple, Director of Policy and Advocacy, PLSA
Kate Boulden, Senior Policy Advisor: DC, PLSA
Jackie Wells, Independent Consultant
Chair: James Walsh, Head of Member Engagement, PLSA

Posted on Friday Sep 24

Plug the cyber education gap with effective risk management

According to Munich Re’s Global Cyber Risk and Insurance Survey (2021), the global cyber insurance market is likely to reach a value of approximately $20 billion by the year 2025. To successfully exploit this growth, insurers and brokers need to effectively grasp accurate cyber underwriting, and the distribution of cyber insurance to companies large and small. These pertinent themes will be two key areas of focus at Intelligent Insurer’s upcoming Commercial Lines Innovation Europe event (October 11–13).
Posted on Friday Sep 24

Making life harder for fraudsters

Aviva’s fraud report has once again shone a light into the murky world of criminals intent on robbing individuals of their hard-earned savings. While the report looks at all types of fraud, including insurance fraud which might take the form of unscrupulous claims management companies or bogus ‘ghost’ brokers arranging worthless or non-existent car insurance, it also exposes financial fraud that can have a devastating effect on pension scheme members.
Posted on Thursday Sep 23

Impact investing using ESG risk to create opportunity

Investors are now more aware of the risks to financial returns that come from environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. But what about the impact of those investments? All organisations and investments have impacts in the real world. Companies produce goods and services that can make people’s lives better; they can contribute to solving the world’s problems.
Posted on Tuesday Sep 21

Avoiding greenwashing in environmentally friendly portfolios

While many climate-focused or Paris-aligned investment strategies do display reduced carbon intensity or temperature at the portfolio level, these improvements are not always seen at the company or stock level within it, leading to a portfolio that may have good environmental credentials on the whole, but remains invested in companies who are not environmentally positive. We’ll show you how to avoid portfolio greenwashing while ensuring your investments align with your broader engagement activities and overall environmental goals.

Felix Goltz, Research Director, Scientific Beta
Erik Christiansen, ESG and Low Carbon Investment Specialist, Scientific Beta
Chair: Karen Hurst, Senior Policy Advisor: Investment & Stewardship

Posted on Monday Sep 20

Why do you have to go make schemes consolidated

Pension schemes in the UK follow a long-tailed distribution- there are a handful of 10-digit giants, and a very long tail of increasingly small schemes. Of around 5,500 schemes, roughly 2,000 have fewer than 100 members There is a regulatory push to consolidate these schemes, and it’s easy to see why. Large schemes have huge advantages from all the typical economies of scale, including cheaper costs, more negotiating power, access to a wider asset pool (including most illiquid assets), and so on.
Posted on Monday Sep 20

Access to a payroll sidecar savings tool

We held an online panel discussion to launch our latest briefing paper, sharing early learnings from our sidecar savings trial. The report explores some of our emerging insights about the employee experience of having access to a payroll sidecar savings tool.
Posted on Thursday Sep 16

Climate change implications for the LGPS

While climate change may have been considered in LGPS funds’ investment strategies for some time, climate risk is something that LGPS funds will have to consider in their covenant assessment and funding strategies too. As the government introduces measures embedding climate change into pensions’ law, we take a look at what’s coming next for the LGPS and what we can do to prepare.
Posted on Thursday Sep 16

Your call is important to us

Hanging on the phone recently trying to get in touch with a help-centre, I found myself getting annoyed with the company as it casually wasted my time by clearly keeping its centre understaffed for the level of business it has. The constant apologies from the automated recording, which then tried to reassure me that I was important to them, actually had the opposite effect to the one presumably intended. It came over as wholly insincere and irritating; if I was that important to them, I felt, they could show it by answering the phone.
Posted on Tuesday Sep 14

What do developing countries need from COP26

Developing countries are likely to be the most impacted by climate and the least able to afford its consequences. COP26 President Alok Sharma has said that richer nations must deliver now on long-promised funding to help poorer countries fight climate change. IFoA President Louise Pryor chairs this first panel session of our Road To Glasgow webinar series as Dr Dabo Guan, Professor Saleem Huq and Prosper Matiashe explore, amongst other things: What do developing countries need from COP26? Is the developing world leading the way? What role can actuaries in developing nations play to help meet climate targets? What can we learn from those on the ground?
Posted on Monday Sep 13

20 years on from Boots investing 100 percent in bonds

20 years ago, in the Autumn of 2001, the Boots Pension Scheme hit the headlines because it had invested all of its assets in high quality long-dated bonds, selling over £1 billion of equities in the process. I was only three years into my pensions career at the time but I remember being fascinated by this ground-breaking development. At the time, it was a unique and surprising thing to do, because there was little focus on managing pension scheme investment risk.
Posted on Friday Sep 10

Climate Scenario Analysis

IFoA video from the sessional meeting from the Research and Environment Board on climate scenario analysis
Posted on Thursday Sep 9

Webinar on New Technology and Data for Modernised Insurance

Insurance continues to strive for innovation – but meeting continually rising expectations for a seamless digital experience is no easy feat. Stakeholder investment, an overwhelming influx of technology, and growing concerns over data ownership provide continually challenging barriers for modernisation in insurance – but now is not the time to sit back and relax.
Posted on Thursday Sep 9

Actuarial Post Awards 2021 Nominations Are Now Open

We are pleased to announce that the nominations for the Actuarial Post Awards 2021 are now open! We would like to thank you once again for joining us as we continue to celebrate and reward the talent and achievements of individuals in the actuarial arena. With 8 awards to be won, make your nominations here for your colleagues, employees and team.
Posted on Wednesday Sep 8

New speakers announced for Underwriting Innovation USA 2021

The Underwriting Innovation USA Virtual Event is taking place from November 9 to 12, and as the largest executive gathering bringing together 1,000 forward-thinking underwriters—this event will provide you with all the actionable insights and tools you need to harness novel techniques, analytics and automation for greater profitability and growth.
Posted on Wednesday Sep 8

To The End Game and Beyond

IFoA video on target end-states for defined benefit pension schemes working party.
Posted on Tuesday Sep 7

Money Knowledge and Power

An IFoA video from the sessional research meeting by the Financial Literacy Working Party on Money Knowledge and Power
Posted on Monday Sep 6

The consumer pension journey is a marathon not a sprint

The Olympics Games in Tokyo brought to my mind that well-used phrase – it’s a marathon, not a sprint. A phrase which accurately describes the pension journey for scheme members - which is front of mind now, given the joint call for input by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Pensions Regulator (tPR) on the Consumer Pension Journey. The paper seeks to address a wide range of issues impacting consumers’ ability to save for retirement.
Posted on Monday Sep 6

Actuarial valuations to monitor DB pension funding

IFoA video on Actuarial Valuations to Monitor Defined Benefit Pension Funding
Posted on Thursday Sep 2

Leading CEOs vision of the new era of insurance

The experience of driving growth through a global pandemic has been transformational for many, and the insurance industry is no different. Managing the challenge of remote workforces, emerging risks, and keeping up with changing consumer behaviour, 2020 was the year of survival. As we move into the exciting prospect of normality, our attention must now turn to the opportunity to thrive in our revolutionised era of insurance.
Posted on Wednesday Sep 1

Five reasons to consider moving to a DC Master Trust

Shabna Islam, Head of DC Provider Relations at Hymans Robertson says that over the last few years, we’ve seen a rapid move from single trust-based schemes to Master Trusts. We expect this trend to continue following the regulatory steer on consolidation of small schemes. Here we explore 5 reasons why you should consider reviewing your current arrangement.
Posted on Tuesday Aug 31

Speakers announced for Underwriting Innovation USA 2021

Leading insurance speakers have just been announced for Intelligent Insurer’s upcoming Underwriting Innovation USA 2021 Virtual Event (9-12 November). This exclusive programme provides you with a free of charge opportunity to gain insight from C-level executives, who are leading the underwriting revolution, from companies such as Liberty Mutual, Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance, The Hartford and RSA!
Posted on Friday Aug 27

Time to endgame may fall a third as mortality tops DB agenda

The economic circumstances of Covid-19 have led to the aggregate buyout deficit of the DB pension schemes of FTSE350 companies falling by £80bn since the end of May last year, to a total of £130bn. This means the average time to buyout now stands at around 7 years and 5 months. With the financial fallout now largely behind us, understanding Covid’s effect on mortality rates has shot to the top of pension scheme agendas, as the impact on life expectancy could lead to a significant improvement in endgame timings.
Posted on Thursday Aug 26

Data to Deliver Competitive Edge

At the start of 2020, LexisNexis Risk Solutions hosted its annual Customer Advisory Meeting in London and at the start of that event we asked our audience of insurance professionals, how ready they were for disruption. Little did we know that what was ahead of us. The entire world, including the global insurance industries has been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though these disruptions have brought about a host of challenges over the last 15 months.
Posted on Tuesday Aug 24

Modelling Neighbourhood Mortality using the Random Forest

ARC webinar series 2021 from the IFoA on Modelling Neighbourhood Mortality Using the Random Forest
Posted on Monday Aug 23

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