Articles - 5 Characters who wish they had Motor Legal Protection

 5 fictional characters who wished they had bought Motor Legal Protection
 Here in the real world, there are thousands of individuals who, on a daily basis, wish they had bought Motor Legal Protection. But the same is true of fictional characters in television, books and movies as well it seems.
 From time-travellers to fast-track toads, the staff at online financial services website Best Price Financial Services came up with their favourite fictional characters who would have wished they had purchased that little extra coverage on their cars.
 Arthur Weasley (Harry Potter)
 First up is none other than Arthur Weasley, the dad of child wizard Harry Potter’s best friend Ron. When Harry and Ron stole Mr Weasley’s Ford Anglia to travel to Hogwarts before flying into some trouble, a little motor legal protection wouldn’t have gone amiss. The wrath of the Whomping Willow would have kept it firmly off the road and, more importantly, out of the sky, meaning Mr Weasley would’ve been unable to travel to work (unless he chose to apparate of course!). Motor legal coverage would have provided him with a replacement vehicle faster than you can say “accio, car!”
 Doc Brown (Back to the Future)
 This list would not be complete without mentioning Doc Brown, the eccentric inventor in Back to the Future. Not unaccustomed to dealing with a few faults himself, Doc Brown would have been dumbfounded if his dazzling Delorean were put off the road, and (spoiler alert) how would Marty McFly have made sure his parents got together then?
 Note: Replacement time machines may be quite difficult to source.
 Mr Toad (The Wind in the Willows)
 Often the centre of many a motor-related conundrum, speedster and motorcar-mad Mr Toad would’ve been a prime pick for this policy. With a little help from motor prosecution defence, he could’ve minimised his time behind bars and maximised his motorcar collection with all that money saved. And who knows, maybe a little tough-talking from a legal professional would have done what neither Ratty, Mole nor Badger could and set him on the straight and narrow.
 Postman Pat (Postman Pat)
 From our fond childhood memories, comes Postman Pat. The trusty postmaster of Greendale delivered not only the day’s mail but a healthy dose of help to the village’s residents. Generally a careful driver, if Pat and his black and white cat were put off the road in an accident then there’s no doubt Greendale would have ground to a halt. However, a little like-for-like vehicle hire would have soon got him back on the road with a new post-van in no time at all.
 Bumblebee (Transformers)
 Last but not least are the Transformers. Saving the world from the Decepticons can’t have been easy, but with no wheels on the road Bumblebee would certainly have left the Autobots a man (sentient robotic life-form) down. However, with a hassle-free service and speedy repair, Bumblebee would be back to the battle quicker than you can say “Autobots, engage!”
 Nobody can place a fee on freedom from extra-terrestrial tyranny, but motor legal protection need not be a pricey policy.

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