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AE for Group Income Protection: Dutch Inspiration

In the second article of a landmark series to champion AE for GIP, Canada Life’s Paul Avis discusses with Editor Ellie Burns how we need to look to the success of the Netherlands, and how the Dutch model could be the answer to a stagnating product at risk of extinction, as well as the answer to a complex welfare system which is repeatedly missing the mark.

EB: In the first article you established that GIP was a product you were focused on as it is at risk of stagnating and extinction. Is AE for GIP really on the table?

PA: I feel like a lone voice, or perhaps I am a classic marketer who believes in product lifecycle-introduction, growth, maturity, decline? We are at decline with no new employers and fewer every year buying GIP! AE has to be the answer as what else is?

Swiss Re’s 2013 Group Watch Survey advised: ‘The response remains split on the case for extending the AE model into simple products and specifically those used to protect income1.’ In the report one insurer commented: “No. We have a mandatory scheme in SSP. It’s a stretch too far at the moment – the focus should be on incentivising employers to provide GIP2.” An employee benefit consultant commented:

‘In theory it i...Read More

Ever wondered how long Batman might live?

Name: Bruce Wayne
Age: 40
Occupation: Industrialist, Philanthropist, Superhero
Base of operation: Gotham city
Marital status: Single
Height: 6ft 2ins
Weight: 210 pounds
IQ: Thought to be in excess of 192 (Genius)
Personal wealth: Thought to around $6.8 billion
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

Other background info

An excellent tactician and strategist who is able to keep many steps ahead of his opponents. Accomplished gymnast and acrobatic and a master of many martial arts.

<...Read More

Life in the freezer?

By Tim Gosden, Head of Annuities, Legal & General

A couple of years ago I was asked to look into ‘Cryonics’ and the possible implications for our annuity business. At the time it was something I knew very little about but having delved into it, I found it was a truly fascinating strand of science. So in this month’s article I thought it would be good to see what developments have occurred since then and how much closer we are in our attempt at immortality... and why even Simon Cowell has signed up for it!

Cryogenics or Cryonics?

In the wo...Read More

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