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Inheritance: Retirees & their children relying on each other

The study reveals that while one in six (16%) of parents are expecting to be supported financially by their grown up kids when they retire, one in six (17 %) of adult children are relying on inheritance from their parents, causing an inheritance tug of war!
Furthermore, one in ten grown up children are relying on this inheritance so much that they think their parents are blowing too much of it!
SunLife’s research also reveals that as a percentage of income, older people are better off than younger generations; those age 55-70 have less than half (46%) their income allocated to fixed costs, compared to 57% for 18-24 year olds, 53% for 25-44 year olds and 51% for 45-54 year olds.
Ian Atkinson, head of brand at SunLife comments:
“Long gone are the days when pensioners spent their retirement doing crosswords and gardening, nowadays, the over 60s are just as likely to be skiing as sewing.
“In fact, independent research by Saga* found that among those aged between 65 and 74, spending on travel increased by 93 per cent between 2002 and 2012 and this is clearly bothering some people, with one in ten complaining that their parents are havi...Read More

Facebook’s decision may get more people talking about death

“While most people think about monetary assets and tangible possessions when writing their Will there are other things, for example, online assets and profiles, that also need to be considered. When a person dies, social media as well as other online services like email and banking will require specific information to deactivate the user's account. By making a record of the accounts you hold and your user details will help with this when the time comes.

“Facebook has made this easier now by rolling out its "legacy contacts" feature in the UK, allowing users to appoint an "online executor" of their profile to decide what...Read More

Ever wondered how long Batman might live?

Name: Bruce Wayne
Age: 40
Occupation: Industrialist, Philanthropist, Superhero
Base of operation: Gotham city
Marital status: Single
Height: 6ft 2ins
Weight: 210 pounds
IQ: Thought to be in excess of 192 (Genius)
Personal wealth: Thought to around $6.8 billion
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

Other background info

An excellent tactician and strategist who is able to keep many steps ahead of his opponents. Accomplished gymnast and acrobatic and a master of many martial arts.

<...Read More

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