Technology can enable anything – including disaster

Power to the people! This, slightly paraphrased, ringing cry from Chancellor George Osborne at the budget is still reverberating through the world of pensions and the latest tremor comes from the Treasury. This is the news that a fourth way has been added to draw you pension down, alongside the existing approaches of Income Drawdown, Lifetime Annuity and Scheme Pension. The new method is called the UFPLS – that’s Unsecured Fund Pension Lump Sum to the rest of us. The UFPLS allows people to draw down a lump sum from their pension without crystallising the whole pot.

Moving into a 3D investment world

In May of this year the Financial Times reported that Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) issued a consultation paper that suggested that local authorities use passive management techniques to save the estimated £660m per annum wasted on active managers who rarely beat the markets. For decades we have known that highly-paid fund managers, on average, consistently underperform the index, yet costly active fund management has predominated - to the substantial detriment of pensioners and their savings.

Many individuals & businesses face pension car crash

Pension freedom is undoubtedly a good thing and from April 2015 people will no longer have to purchase an annuity. Instead, they will be free to either take their funds as a lump sum, use income drawdown, go down the annuity route or adopt a mixture of these. But that all depends on one fundamental fact – that they have contributed to a pension in the first place.

Volatility will be a primary focus for investors

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