L&P sector needs to embrace Robots

There has been a huge increase in the personal use of technology from just a decade ago, driven by the miniturisation of powerful ICT components, which has made it possible for people to carry personal systems with computing power vastly beyond that which was employed in the moon-landing programme. This has transformed the day-to-day life of consumers and, inevitably, altered their perception of what service levels are acceptable from companies.

#Stronger Together - actuaries and data scientists

'Stronger together’ is how I see actuaries and data scientists working together in harmony – it is not about Brexit or America’s presidential campaign! I attended an actuarial conference in September 2016, at which there was ample ’fear’ that data scientists are taking away actuaries’ jobs, but are these concerns based on any substantiated truth?

Questioning assumptions around retirement

Never before has the nation’s working generations had such fundamentally different ideas of what retirement means. While, Baby Boomers (ages 54-69) ponder the new flexibility of pension pots heralded by the 2014 budget, generation Y (age 19-33) are beginning a savings journey in a vastly different environment where responsibility has shifted from government and employer to the individual. This is the pragmatic new era of the ‘living pension’.

Trust in the Future - PLSA

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